It’s time to stop avoiding activities you love because of your back and neck. 

The Back Room gives you drug free and natural ways to tackle:

  • Pain management
  • Reducing inflammation and stiffness
  • Speeding up your healing rates
  • Posture improvement
  • Building flexibility and tone
  • Developing a powerful and resilient back
  • How to protect your body in everyday life

While many back recovery programs focus just on exercise, The Back Room has a whole body approach to your back and neck complaint because exercise alone is rarely the solution. 

The Back Room is a back and neck home support program designed to help you build a better back because life is for living!

Whether you have a low back or neck complaint, The Back Room experts guide you to regain confidence in your back again, so you can enjoy a game of golf, playing with the grand-kids, go on flights to exotic destinations, run for fun, have a pain free day at work or just have a whole day shopping 'till you drop!

It’s time to leave your back problems behind you!

We know it's more than a back or neck problem to you...

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A whole body approach to tackle your back or neck complaint

The Back Room is a whole body approach to your back or neck complaint and you get to decide what you need to work on next. 

If stress and tension are making your muscles tense, then check out Mind Your Back or the Hypnotherapy Hub areas of the program, where you'll find out how your thoughts create muscle tension and change your physiology. Learn how to calm your body and tackle the tension 'head on' (pun intended!)

Feeling stiff as a board? Go to the Refine Your Spine Yoga, where you’ll be shown how to brush and floss your spine, so you become supple again. 

Back to the Kitchen will help you choose anti-inflammatory foods to help calm your joints and lose any excess weight that’s putting strain on your back. 

If you feel like your back is weak, then Back to Power Pilates builds your core strength and stability, so you can power through a day without issues. 

Then you have Back Busters, where you‘ll find all the advice, tips and information about back problems and everyday living. It's packed with practical advice from sitting at desks or in your car to descriptions about what happens when you have a disc herniation.

Finally, the Pukka Posture & Mobility helps you make postural changes needed to reduce strain and pain, improve your alignment, mobility and body confidence. 


The Back Room works around your lifestyle and needs

Flexible to fit your lifestyle

1. You can fast track your recovery by doing a lesson each day - follow our 12 week planner to get in to the swing of things.

2. You may want to concentrate on one thing such as flexibility for the first 12 weeks. We'll guide you towards the best place for you to start.

3. You may want to select what you fancy or what fits with your timetable that day.

With just 2 Back Builder Actions per week, each will be building on the one before to make your back stronger, more flexible or even just more relaxed!


The Back Room is the ideal support program when receiving care from your practitioner

  • Sharon  Skidmore

    Sharon Skidmore

    Sharon has been in the fitness industry since 1991 and is the founder of Feel Good Body. She's trained as a G.P Referral Instructor and a Specialist Back Pain Instructor along with Yoga, Pilates, general fitness and personal training. Sharon will bring your back to power with her core strengthening Pilates and wealth of knowledge. Sharon's belief is "This is my LIFE, I should do what I LOVE and DO it OFTEN".
  • Sarah Jenkins

    Sarah Jenkins

  • Mike Cassidy-Hogg

    Mike Cassidy-Hogg

    Founder of The Happy Back Company, Creator of The Perfect Posture Kit and Chiropractor. Mike also has Personal Training expertise and specialises in how mental health impacts the back and body. Mike understands first hand the impact of back injuries due to an injury when he was just 16 years old. Mike brings his expertise to you in a fun and informative way and you may even see his lovely wife Lucy, who is a physiotherapist, in some of the videos too!
  • Julia Pullin

    Julia Pullin

    Julia wants to live in a world where natural health principles are used effectively to help people with neck and back complaints. Julia has been a chiropractor for over 20 years and is the owner of The Chirohealth Clinic, one of the UK’s most successful Spinal Health and Wellness Clinics. Julia is the co-founder of The Back Room, a writer, speaker and a self-confessed NATURAL health pioneer.
  • Jenni Kiddle

    Jenni Kiddle

    Jenni brings her nutritional expertise to help you calm your joints and lose any excess weight that’s putting strain on your back. Her 360 degree, holistic approach – blends mind, body and spirit to help you get to the root of your issues and finally feel amazing. Jenni is a Nutritional Therapist and the founder of Nettle & Rose Nutrition. She has BsC in Psychology and is a trained health coach, which means means Back to the Kitchen is a positive and manageable approach to nourish your body and encourage long term results.
  • Karen Elliott

    Karen Elliott

    Karen is the body movement Queen because of her ability to resolve abnormal movement patterns and create lasting postural changes. In just 28 days, you will see positive changes in the way you move, your posture and how you feel.

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