Hello ladies, I'm here to help you leave your back problems behind you and build a better back

It’s time to stop avoiding activities you love because of your back and neck. 

Hello, I'm Julia

As far as I'm concerned, I have the best job in the World - I love to help people and I'm obsessed with the spine because it allows you to expereince life to the full. 

Everything from being able give birth to our children, dancing the night away to making a daisy chain is controlled by the spine and your nervous system. 

To me, it's a thing of beauty and wonder but to many it can be a source of pain, controls their life and ultimately their love of life. 

I help women build a better back, regain their confidence and manage their pain so they can do the things you love, cherish and need to do!

My Introductory Program - The Health-E Back Program is for you if you:

  • Want more resilience and confidence in your back
  • Feel your posture is affecting your confidence
  • You've been given exercises that don't work (usually by a young buff exercise fanatic (cue eye roll!) 
  • You hate taking pain killers and believe drugs and surgery should be a last resort
  • You're an action taker that wants a no-nonsense solution 
  • You want someone to explain what's going on without complicated jargon (MRI results explained so you understand what your report means - no problem!)

I absolutely love the spine and build a better back. The program will guide you through:

  • Pain management
  • Reducing inflammation and stiffness
  • Speeding up your healing rates
  • Posture improvement
  • Building flexibility and tone
  • Development of a powerful and resilient back
  • How to protect your body in everyday life

While many back recovery programs focus just on exercise, The Back Room has a whole body approach to your back and neck complaints because exercise alone is rarely the solution. 

The Back Room is a back and neck home support program designed to help you build a better back because life is for living!

Whether you have a low back pain or a neck complaint, The Back Room will help you to regain confidence in your back again, so you can enjoy a game of golf, play with the grand-kids, go on flights to exotic destinations, run for fun, have a pain free day at work or just have a whole day shopping 'till you drop!

It’s time to leave your back problems behind you!

We know it's more than a back or neck problem to you...

Join Now!


A whole body approach to tackle your back or neck complaint

The Back Room is a whole body approach.  

Our foundation program is the Health-E Back where you will:

Examination  of your posture, BackScore, coordination, power and pain threshold

Expose the cause of your back condition 

Essentials - What you need to build a better back

Effective Back Busters - daily actions that will move you closer and closer to the resilient, flexible and pain free back you deserve

Encouragement - support, facts and action steps to keep you motivated and on track to improve, maintain your improvements or prevent you from going back to the way you were. 

The program and its supportive community is packed with advice, including:

  • How pain is experienced in the brain
  • What will give you maximum impact with minimal effort
  • How to assess your posture correctly 
  • The best exercises to improve your posture
  • Ergonomic advice- at home, work or in the car
  • Should I use heat or ice?
  • How to choose the right pillow or mattress
  • X-ray and MRI terminology explained
  • Common mistakes people make
  • F-Acts - fun daily actions that Build a Better Back  
  • How stress affects your back

Plus more!


The Back Room works around your lifestyle and needs

We understand that you're busy and live webinars can be difficult to attend due to work, kids or just whatever life throws at you that day! 

The last thing we want to do is add to that stress, so you can work through the modules at your own pace. 


The Back Room is the ideal support program when receiving care from your practitioner

Meet your Instructor

Julia Pullin (Doctor of Chiropractic), NATURAL health pioneer, mumpreneur, speaker & pet duck owner!

  • Julia Pullin

    Julia Pullin

    Julia is a graduate of the acclaimed Anglo-European College of Chiropractic (AECC) , where she gained her Chiropractic degree from the University of Portsmouth in 1997. She has also undergone high level advanced training in: • Specific spinal, peripheral joint and neurological techniques • Spinal disc management • Applied Kinesiology • Pregnancy and paediatrics • Neurological health and emotional physiology • Nutritional therapy and digestive health Julia has been a coach and mentor within her profession since 2003. She is a writer and a regular contributor to Chiropractic professional magazines. Julia is eager to spread her knowledge of Spinal Health and NATURAL Health to help people Build a Better Back or Find their MOJO! through informative programs, high value and entertaining workshops, articles or public speaking engagements. Julia is the owner of The Chirohealth Clinic, one of the UK’s most successful Spinal Health and Wellness Clinics. She’s the founder of The Back Room, a writer, speaker and a self-confessed NATURAL health pioneer. Interested in having Julia speak? Topics of special interest, communicated in a simple manner for your audience, include: • How to be the boss that makes a difference – simple workplace hacks to reduce back pain, headaches, migraines and more! • Working from home – what you need to consider to look after your back • Safe and Effective Ways to Reduce Low Back Pain & Sciatica • Safe and Effective Ways to Manage Headaches and Migraines • NATURAL Ways to Find your Mojo! • NATURAL Stress Management • Safe and Effective Ways to Improve your Posture and Alignment

It's never too late

to start building a better back

Young or old, you can always shift the needle and become more flexible, improve your posture, get stronger or relieve the tension that's causing your back or neck problems. Why not start today?
I'm ready to build a better back NOW!